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Ice & Fire Distillery was created by a family of Highland Crofters who wanted to try something different to sustain their crofting heritage. What better way to survive than to make spirits from the local water and botanicals, which harks back to an era when crofters made illegal Whisky on their crofts.

The Ice & Fire Distillery create true craft spirits, and they want to use this craftsmanship and authenticity to restore the craft definition and consumer trust. The team’s ethos is to combine their knowledge and skills in distilling with a passion for their natural home-grown ingredients, ensuring every bottle they produce is truly handcrafted, small batch and full of character.

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Caithness Highland Gin

Caithness Highland Gin

Caithness Highland Gin uses rhubarb, which was, and still is, a staple in any crofting garden along with salmonberries picked from the Latheronwheel Strath.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Lime Peel, Salmonberries, Rhubarb
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 40% vol
Goes great with: A fresh raspberry, a twist of lime peel, Mediterranean tonic and ice.


Method: Distilled
Location: Ice & Fire Distillery, Highland, Scotland


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