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Edin-Bar started out when Meg moved to Scotland from Wales a couple of years ago. New to Edinburgh, Meg was obsessed with how innovative and creative the Edinburgh hospitality industry was. The blog was a way to shout about the bars and events of Edinburgh, highlighting the community’s creativity and talent. There’s always something happening – festivals, cocktail launches or new bar openings, so Meg timed her move perfectly, as she feels Scottish food and drink really are blooming right now.

Behind Edin-bar is Meg and Rhiannon, who joined Meg at the beginning of 2019. It’s been a great collaboration so far!  The assumption is, if you are a bar blogger, you must enjoy boozing and boomerangs. Although that’s not entirely false, there is so much more to it! Edin-Bar sets out to inspire people to try something new and to visit all that Edinburgh has to offer. The main focus of the blog now is supporting the small businesses within the Scottish food and drink industry. International Scottish Gin Day is a fantastic example of what Scotland has to offer!

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“Apparently 70% of Gin produced in the UK comes from Scotland and I’m surprised it’s not more. It speaks volumes about the reputation of Scottish product. You know when you’re trying Scottish Gin, whether it be from the smaller craft artisan gin makers to the bigger distilleries, passion went into it alongside the juniper berries.”

Meg Jones, Edin-Bar

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