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For The Love of Gin

Sue Telford is a Norfolk, UK based gin blogger and author of ‘The Ultimate Gin Guide’, publication date October 2019. In 2017, with a passion for craft gin and home distilling and inspired by the gin revolution, Sue bought a tiny 4L air still, which she modified to enable her to distil to within a tenth of a degree and gained her rectifiers and compounders licenses. At the time she knew nothing about distilling, although she was a keen cook and loved experimenting with flavours in the kitchen. 

It seemed natural therefore to turn her 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a part-time gin distillery where you can find her most weekends, foraging, macerating, steeping, distilling and tasting and generally having fun with botanicals. She quickly learned a lot through trial and error and internet research. And she is still learning.

For the Love of Gin is the online expression of her enthusiasm, which she hopes other gin lovers will enjoy too. In it you will find gin reviews, home distilling tips and cocktail recipes that anyone can create.

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“From the launch of Hendrick’s in 1999, Scottish distillers have been leading the way in the craft gin revolution. Some of the most sophisticated and exciting gins have come out of Scottish stills in recent years. Not surprising given the country’s distilling heritage. And thankfully Scottish gin distillers show no sign of slowing down.”

Sue Telford, For The Love of Gin

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