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Gin Italy

Gin Italy is the first Italian blog totally devoted to Gin: it was started in 2013, years before gin spread in Italy. Its main aim is to highlight the presence of Italian products in the international industry of gin, products that are often underestimated, but essential. Just to mention one, the berries of Italian Juniper, shipped for centuries to the United Kingdom.

Vittorio D’Alberto is the person behind Gin Italy. Although he’s only 41, Vittorio has been drinking gin for a couple decades now. His obsession started when the internet came to be and marked the beginning of this new chapter of gin’s history. Vittorio started collecting vintage Tanqueray merchandise in 2003. Since then, his love for gin has kept growing and he’s not yet found a favourite one, except for those he might distil at home with his beloved hand picked juniperus communis from his region in Italy, Abruzzo. Vittorio is a huge fan of the Negroni and he suggests you all try one with 25% of Genever and 75% of Gin. Salute!

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“I admire the consistency of Scottish Gins: they all seem carefully made. Distillation is an art, the gin receipe is the canvas to tell a story and Scottish Master Distillers are great artists creating innovation still in the tradition. I love reading about the use of local botanicals in each gin.”

Vittorio D'Alberto, Gin Italy

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