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Meme Loves Gin

Having discovered gin a few years ago, on account of a serendipitous encounter with heartbreak, Meme has recently risen to the fore as one of the leading UK gin bloggers and a leading name in domestic creative cocktail experimentation. When she’s not mixing, matching, shaking and creating, Meme works hard on making people look beautiful and feel confident as a makeup artist in central London.

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“My love story with gin started when I lived in Glasgow a few years ago. The first few gin bars I visited where in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Now living in London, I find myself always wanting to try new Scottish gins. I would say 60% of my current gin collection is made up of Scottish gins. That’s why I look forward to celebrating Scottish gin in London on International Scottish Gin Day 2019.”

Meme Toor, Meme Loves Gin

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