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Andrew founded The Gin Den Blog and social media pages in January 2018. As a passionate Gin enthusiast, his main objective is to share his love of Gin by increasing awareness of the smaller brands and supporting distillers as they launch their new Gins. In the time since The Gin Den was created, Andrew has built organic interest from Gin lovers across the world and at the same time building strong relationships with distillers as he seeks to drive interest and growth in the Scottish and UK Gin market. A keen photographer, he has combined his love of Gin with his camera to create some stunning images of Gin brands, taken in some unusual places.

Born in Edinburgh, Andrew now lives in Cheshire with his family and has over 25 years experience working in the Retail and Leisure industry. His career gives him a strong customer perspective when he reviews Gins, Gin Retailers, Bars and Restaurants. Andrew believes that not enough leisure and retail businesses are showcasing the amazing range of Scottish Gins that are arriving on the market each month and are instead sticking with the safer mainstream options. His view is that this has to change through small steps to ensure we can fully support this exciting growth in the Scottish Gin industry.

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“This is an exciting time for Scottish Gin, as the market explodes with new gins and distillers launching on a regular basis. The sheer breadth of localised botanicals that Scotland has to offer is resulting in a plethora of stunning Gins from across the length and breadth of the country. I’m Scottish born and bred in Edinburgh and feel so proud to be supporting ISGD, especially when I hear the back story from each distiller, who in the main, took a risk and created something special!”

Andrew Gordon, The Gin Den

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