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The Patron Saint of Gin

Gin is a diverse spirit, with no two the same. My love for gin has inspired me to meet the distillers behind the bottle, to learn of their story, so in 2017 I drove across Australia, through Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales, visiting as many distilleries as possible, discovering new gins. This 12,007 kilometre journey was an amazing experience. I met the distillers, listened to their passion for their craft and learnt so much about making gin. I continue to travel for gin, and my collection of over 150 Australian gins all have a special place in my heart, but I am equally fascinated by gins of the world.

In our sunny and hot climate, there’s nothing better than sipping a gin and tonic, or an icy cold martini. With an abundance of fresh produce, the mixing of gin drinks is always an adventure. I love making cocktails at home, inspired by the classics, and I feature the gins and gin cocktail recipes on my Instagram page. 

Gin is a true world spirit, and I am thrilled to support International Scottish Gin Day. Cheers!

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“”There is a gin for everyone, but not every gin is for everyone” is my mantra for gin exploration. Scotland produces iconic spirits and the gin journey is rich with choice. Influenced by elements of nature, distillers access a wonderland of botanicals to create all manner of gin expressions. A gin road trip in Scotland is on my bucket list!”

Belinda Bowman, The Patron Saint of Gin

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