An international celebration
of all things Scottish Gin.

23.10.20, 7.30pm - Instagram, Online

Nic’s Instagram Bar Round 2


This is Nic’s Bar Round 2 for International Scottish Gin Day, which involves Nicola hosting an Instagram LIVE where she will talk about her love of Scottish Gin and showcase El:gin specifically, which is a brand and gins new to Nicola’s collection. In true Nicola style, she’s guaranteeing us lots of banter and cocktails. She’s also kindly decided to donate £2.50 for every person that tunes in to a hospitality charity (up to £100).

Date & Time: 23.10.20, 7.30pm
Cost: Free

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Nic’s Gin & Beer is run by Nicola, who works full time and drinks gin and beer part time! She tries not to drink on a school night but admits that sometimes it can’t be helped. Two years ago Nicola rarely drank… Now she has a shed full of beer and nearly 60 bottles of gin. After dabbling with Twitter in 2018, she soon realised 280 characters wasn’t nearly enough to share her new found love of gin and so she started her dedicated blog.

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