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Windmill Printing

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Windmill Printing, based in Aberdeen Scotland, have been supporting the food and drink packaging sector for over 45 years, providing a range of printing and specialist packaging for point of sale and transit. With a strong ‘eco’ bias, Windmill are a Carbon Neutral business and utilise printing finishes, materials and processes that support this. Using Traditional Techniques along with the latest cutting edge technology, Windmill have become a trusted supplier to top industry brands and widely export their printing and packaging, recognised as one of the go-to printing and bespoke box specialists in Europe.

A family manufacturer with a skilled team of designers, printers, box makers and finishers, Windmill have helped a number of design agencies and leading brands with packaging. From tags and labels to boxes and bespoke packaging solutions, they have worked on projects with Loch Ness Spirits, Benromach Distillery and Gordon & MacPhail, Lagavulin, Shetland Reel and more.

Find your perfect gin Find your perfect gin
Find your perfect gin

“As the (ever more discerning) home based food and drink lovers are demanding and discovering more products, we’ve been able to support our clients with their printing and packaging to offer the best ‘unboxing experience’ with a strong eco-friendly message. We’re proud of our skilled team and honoured to have worked with leading brands. For ISGD we’re delighted to support Scotland’s growing number of artisan gin makers, helping to elevate their branding and enhancing the overall experience.”

Mark Ross, Director

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