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Natalie is a primary school teacher by day, gin drinker by night. She has judged gin professionally, including for The Gin Guide’s Gin Annual Awards. Natalie has always had a fondness for gin and remembers her Papa drinking it when she was little so when she started going out to bars and pubs, she had an affinity for it and it made her feel more grown up. Natalie’s husband is also a huge gin fan so when they got together, there was no stopping them!

Natalie’s blog is light hearted and very down to earth; a mixture of gin reviews, cocktail recipes, event write-ups and occasionally opinions on the industry as a whole. Natalie likes to think of her writing as honest musings about something she truly loves and she tries not to approach the topic of gin with any pretentiousness. She certainly doesn’t profess to know all there is to know about gin, but she knows she enjoys drinking it! Her attitude is “everyone is different, therefore everyone has different palates, so there are no rights or wrongs” and this is something her blog reflects.

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“Over the past couple of years Scottish gins have really started making waves in the industry, being recognised for their quality and picking up awards.  We all know Scotland is famed for it’s whisky, but I think people would be surprised to learn just how many of their gin favourites actually come from north of the border.”

Natalie Button, Gin Obsessions

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