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Since 1774, the Rankin family has been supporting the Beers, Wines and Spirits industries with best in class closures that seal, protect and add value to brands. Through the design and performance of their products, Rankin help premiumise aspiring brands and add value to local tastes and flavours.

Their offer extends from natural cork, to micro agglomerate, synthetic and their hybrid Nature, to T stoppers with wood, plastic and modular tops and on to capsules and sleeves in tin, polylaminate and heat shrink materials. Rankin is the custodian of 4,500 acres of cork forestry in Portugal, managing cork supply from ‘acorn to bottle’.

Find your perfect gin Find your perfect gin
Find your perfect gin

We are proud to be part of such a creative and dynamic sector and to have the opportunity of supporting Scottish Spirits in any way we can. International Scottish Gin Day is a celebration of the fabulous brands crafted in Scotland and this event helps elevates those brands onto the global stage. We are looking forward to getting involved in International Scottish Gin Day once again! Slainte!

Jim Rankin, Managing Director, Rankin Brothers & Sons

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