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What’s Katie Doing

Katie has a passion for gin, travel and food and writes about all three, especially where they intersect. Her blog covers gin guides to places she has visited on her travels, gin tastings, distillery visits and other gin based experiences. She’s always on the lookout for the gins or other drinks made locally to where she travels.

Katie admits Scotland is a gold mine for this and in addition to her Gin Guide to Edinburgh and the Fringe, she has enjoyed visiting more distilleries and gin festivals promoting Scottish Gin. Katie recently enjoyed a visit to Glasgow and its famous Gin Spa and then a return visit to Edinburgh over the Fringe festival.

Katie credits her love of gin from her mum and working with Sara-Jane at the Oliver Conquest Gin Pub in Aldgate.

Outside of her blog Katie is a gin judge for Craft Distilling Expo Gin of the Year and the World Gin Awards. She runs Gin Club with a Reading Problem group on Facebook (a book club turned gin enthusiasts!) and is an eager member of the London based Negroni Club.

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“The Scottish gin scene is booming with loads of great innovations and beautiful products. With so many passionate distillers the quality of the gin is great and the thought put into the brand and story makes these gins stand out. I can’t wait to explore and communicate more about the gins as part of my role as an official supporter for International Scottish Gin Day!”

Katie Hughes, What's Katie Doing

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