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Holyrood Distillery

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Holyrood Distillery is the product of Canadians Rob & Kelly Carpenter and Scot David Robertson, who collectively share a love for Edinburgh, Scotch Whisky and interesting challenges. The Distillery is housed in a 180 year old building, which has been thoughtfully renovated to include all aspects of production and a hands-on, sensory, educational visitor experience. 

With the opportunity to bring single malt distilling back to Edinburgh after almost 100 years, Holyrood Distillery will do so with flavour at the forefront. Unconstrained by heritage, category and tradition, their focus will be on experimentation alongside a commitment to produce high-quality, full-flavoured spirits for anyone with an open mind and mouth.

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Height of Arrows Gin

Height of Arrows Gin

Height of Arrows is a gin that has been created with whisky in mind. Drawing on the idea that whisky’s myriad of flavours rely on a handful of ingredients, Height of Arrows is stripped back to the core, featuring juniper, beeswax and salt, lending layers of texture and full bodied flavour to the gin. On the nose, a balance of clean fresh pine and resin coupled with light citrus. On the palate, oily mouth coating with juicy and rich orange zest and lemon then a bold emergence of black pepper and cardamom, tempered with tapered herbaceous smoothness. On the finish, long, smooth and dry finish with effervescent spicy notes.


Key Botanical(s): Juniper, Beeswax, Sea Salt
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 43% vol
Goes great with: In a classic gin cocktail, such as Martini, Gibson, Negroni.


Method: Distilled
Location: Holyrood Distillery, City of Edinburgh, Scotland

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