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Brim & Tonic

Anthony Brimacombe AKA Brim & Tonic, has been enjoying gin since work colleagues introduced him to the spirt in 2016 on a work night out. It was also around this time that Anthony decided to visit Duke’s Bar where he sampled one of the famous Martinis made by Alessandro Palazzi. The experience opened a door for Anthony into the world of cocktails and spirits. Since this early discovery of gin, Anthony has developed his knowledge and understanding of spirits, cocktails, mixology and loves to share this passion through his social media channels.

Anthony, along with Julian Vallis and Sandra Lim, is a founding member of the UK Martini Club, a club for people who want to explore the Martini cocktail. With online meet-ups, guest martinis and gins, and in-person events, Martini Club has continued to grow a group of passionate members who love the king of the cocktails, the Martini.

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“There’s a lot to learn when it comes to Scottish Gin with its ever growing number of brands and gins on the market. I love that many of the Scottish Gins I’ve tried and enjoyed can give a sense of place or through the brand they manage to capture aspects of the location. The Scottish Gin category is one I’m always happy to explore and it’s just one of the many reasons I’ve come to love gin as a spirit. There’s such a great range of Scottish Gins available, it’s a very exciting time to be a gin drinker.”

Anthony Brimacombe, Brim & Tonic

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