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Juilan Vallis

Hi, I’m Julian Vallis and I’m a serious cocktail nerd, alongside my literal half, Sandra Lim (Juniper Chick). Together, we’ve been tasting some of the best spirits and liqueurs as well a dwelling at some of the best bars around the world since 2011. We have an unorthodox history of being discerning punters having been taught by the fabulous Sarah Mitchell and Adam Smithson at the Juniper Society at Graphic Bar (the first ‘meet the maker’ sessions), and got into making cocktails after a Bombay Sapphire Masterclass organised by Sam Carter at the Rib Room during the Queen’s Jubilee.

Since then, we have met many other bloggers and industry folk (both bar and distillers). In doing so we have sampled some of the best spirits and liqueurs the market has to offer, as well as cocktails rated as ‘the best’ from an enviable bar tab across the globe. Putting this experience to practice, we champion spirits through their ultimate medium – the cocktail – and in doing so help run both the Negroni Club & Martini Club to help people discover, enjoy and savour two of the most important cocktails. We also help educate others to assess and appreciate spirits correctly to help ‘raise the bar’ of the spirits community and never stop experimenting, learning and perfecting cocktails.

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“Years ago, Scottish distilleries experimented and perfected whisky production and yielded a huge variety of styles to create Scotch Whisky now at the forefront of whisky worldwide. Now, both old and new Scottish distilleries are applying the same innovative spirit-engineering prowess to gins and bringing us some of the most innovative, unique and interesting gins on the market in a new renaissance of Scottish distillation.”

Julian Vallis

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