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Manchester Food Tourist

Dan is a massive foodie. Having spent 8 years living all around the world, he developed a real love for all flavours and never settled for average. This applies to Wine, Coffee, Cheese, Chocolate and of course Gin, all of which can be incredibly varied and complex.

Dan’s blog started on his return to the UK, where he found himself to be a tourist in his new home of Manchester. Seeking out good places to eat soon turned into a real passion for spreading the word of everything to do with food and travel. Dan has covered new openings, attended the International Cheese Awards and been a finalist judge for the Peoples Choice Wine Awards. This has been a great parallel to his blog, helping everyday people like himself, unravel the mystery of the wine and gin shelves. Dan has┬ácompleted his WSET Level 2 in Wines and Spirits and is currently undertaking Level 3.

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“With a rich history in distillation, Scotland was always going to be producing some great gins. I think the water used along with locally sourced botanicals only add to the complexity of the gin and its flavour. Scotland is privileged to have great space and produce. Just like in cooking, the finished product will only be as good as the ingredients used to make it.”

Dan Doherty, Manchester Food Tourist

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