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Nic’s Gin & Beer

Nic’s Gin & Beer is run by Nicola, who works full time and drinks gin and beer part time! She tries not to drink on a school night but admits that sometimes it can’t be helped. Two years ago Nicola rarely drank… Now she has a shed full of beer and nearly 60 bottles of gin. Nicola lives near Glasgow and works IN Glasgow (most of the time). Nicola enjoys gaming, gyming and watching telly. And she loves going out for food and having a few drinks.

Nicola discovered gin by accident, trying one that her dad had picked up at a food festival. She went to a gin bar for dinner as soon as she could, which offered gin pairings and that was it… she was hooked. Nicola started a blog quite recently as she realised she was FAR too chatty for 160 characters. Nicola set out to write posts that were fun and entertaining but also informative. Nicola prides herself on integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency.


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“Scottish gin for me is all about the story, the pride and the passion. I love listening to how the gins came to be, how the botanicals were chosen and seeing and tasting the variety of different flavours. We probably have the cleanest water in the universe and this is partly why Scottish Gin is amongst the best in the world. I’m delighted to be an official supporter of ISGD and I can’t wait for the big day!!”

Nicola Glassford, Nic's Gin & Beer

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