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On The Sauce Again

Through Inka’s blog On the Sauce Again, she takes a largely female perspective as she explores various drinks around the globe. The blog covers a wide range of drink related topics; anything from gin to whisky to sherry, tips on how to throw a party or where to drink and what to drink locally. Inka believes we should embrace spirits the way some people understand wine; to learn the best ways to drink them, to fully appreciate the aroma, the colours and the flavours of each unique sauce. Inka likes to understand the whole process from seed to glass. Inka feels there still isn’t enough information available about spirits, and often people are too unadventurous in their choices. With so much variety and quality out there, it’s such a waste to simply order a ‘gin & tonic’ without appreciating the range of choices and unique blends available.

Inka has travelled, drank and lived in many different countries, including England for nearly eight years and she currently lives in Lucca, Italy. There, sipping gin cocktails is a norm. It was The Botanist specifically that really got Inka into gin in the first place and she considers Scotland her third home as that’s where her husband is from. Inka is amazed by the variety of great bars in Glasgow, the vitality of the people, and their passion for the many wonderful spirits available in Scotland.

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“I love how everyone in Scotland’s gin scene are so supportive to one another and how they all want to help Scottish gin (and other products) to grow into a proper brand. There’s a sense of unity. When you think of Scottish gins you think of quality. I would like to see more specific regional flavours as there are many unique botanicals available. For example, Hebridean botanicals such as kelp, water mint and ladies bedstraw or florals from Campbeltown; elderflower, rosehip, honeysuckle…”

Inka Kukkamaki, On The Sauce Again

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