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Pam was a little unsure how to describe herself… blogger, baker, mother, signaller (that’s the day job), or gin lover. She says it depends on who she’s talking to!

Pam is a Scottish mum of two, living in the South West of Scotland. She works full time in the rail industry and in her free time she loves writing reviews about drinks and gin in particular. She has a long standing relationship with gin but only over the last three or four years has she taken the opportunity to explore the industry and build up her knowledge. Like us, Pam has found the gin world a brilliantly welcoming community; with producers, distillers and connoisseurs coming together, keen to impart and share information and build relationships.

Pam enjoys writing pieces that share her discoveries as she is a firm believer in people being able to make more informed choices. Pam is thoroughly enjoying the gin resurgence of recent years and admires the fact that consumers are now more interested than ever in what they are purchasing so she delights in being able to share a little of what she learns along the way.

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“Typing ‘Scottish Gin’ into Google, I am thrilled to see so many entries and much more information readily available compared to a few years ago. Scottish gin accounts for more than 70% of UK gin production and it makes me so proud to be a part of this community. Shining a light on small Scottish gin producers is immensely important to me and a huge factor in this was the creation of International Scottish Gin Day. I am very honoured to have been asked to be an official ambassador this year and look forward to showcasing some of what our nation has to offer the world.”

Pam Lorimer, Sipping & Styling

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