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Growing up, Morten’s Dad made his own aquavit, infused with all kinds of botanicals. This intrigued him, enjoying the different smells and colours. As Morten got older, he made his own vodka shots, using different infusions; typical of a teenager, often resulting in heavy hangovers. As he got wiser, he started creating his own syrups, infusions and garnishes, making for more complex and experimental recipes and creations. The hangovers were still there but way more subtle.

Eventually Morten thought it would be fun to share his cocktail creations, so that others could be inspired and hopefully not make the same “mistakes” as he did during his start-up. Morten finds this Charlie Parker quote fitting:

“First you learn your instrument. Then you practice, practice, practice.  And then, when you finally get up on that bandstand, forget all that and just wail.”

Morten’s advice for others looking to start their own cocktail journey is to create and invent, while still learning from other Mixologists; start with the most simple and basic things, be it classic or vintage cocktails, and then proceed from there.

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“I’m all for supporting the people and brands who genuinely make their products in their home countries. I believe strongly that it’s important to support and honour the people that put their heart and soul into a project, because I know it means the world to them. For me, it’s a privilege  to take part in the celebration of all things Scottish Gin.”

Morten Krag, The Cocktail Blog

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