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The Ginasium

Phil lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two adult daughters, and works full-time in Central London. He would class himself as a Gin Advocate as he wants to spread the love of all things Gin, without making his passion a commercial business. His ‘fledgling’ blog is designed around discussion and education on all matters Gin, where Twitter and Instagram are too limiting.

He admits to liking most spirits, but Gin is his main love. His increase in fondness for Gin became a passion at the same time as an increase in watching live rugby, some 8 years ago. Drinking lots of beer every weekend took its toll on his waist, and so he decided to swap to Gin, and an obsession was born.

Why ‘The Ginasium’? Apart from it being the obligatory Gin pun, he has a summer house in the garden with some Gym equipment in it, this is known as ‘Sh-ym’. However, Phil would prefer to drink Gin and so an area of his dining room became known as ‘The Ginasium’, the place where Phil likes to exercise. The Ginasium currently holds 90+ Gins and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Phil also enjoys making cocktails with favourites being: Martini (super dry, a little dirty with an Olive or Onion), Negroni and he’s partial to a well-made Hanky Panky.

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“Having toured around the Scottish Highlands and Islands over the years when my family were younger, I was always acutely aware of the local sense of pride for everything authentically Scottish. It is this pride and authenticity that I feel drives Scottish distillers to consistently produce quality Gins. I am proud to be supporting ISGD – in any small way I can.”

Phil, The Ginasium

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