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The Gin Shelf

Matt is a 30-something year old, Birmingham born and bred, Gin enthusiast and author of Gin Blog ‘The Gin Shelf’. Having started the blog back in 2016, it has continued to evolve into a passion and labour of love that has allowed Matt the opportunity to go to some very cool places, meet some very cool people and sample some incredible gins!

When he’s not hidden away writing, he’ll often be found propping up the bar in a gin joint, talking to brands and hanging out at distilleries, taking in the scenery at a gin festival or product launch or being ‘that guy’ who geeks out a little too much over a gin selection.

Matt has always been conscious that he wanted the blog to be credible and informative but also something he would want to read. So you’ll find that most of his work includes some personal life stories, with a tenuous link to his featured brand or event. In retrospect, it’s worked out well that his life seems to have been a series of amusing and embarrassing episodes, punctuated by the odd ice and slice!

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“I’ve been blown away by some of the Scottish Gins that I’ve had the pleasure of trying. I’ve been in awe of some of the fantastic brands emerging, alongside the growth of fan favourites, with releases from Fidra, Biggar, Red Door and Mackintosh being amongst my favourites. The Scottish gin scene is bustling right now and a truly exciting powerhouse of gin production that’s a pleasure to be a part of.”

Matt Burton, The Gin Shelf

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