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I firmly remember my first G&T.  It was my great aunt’s birthday and my brother said, “Hmm, think I’ll try a G&T”. “Why not, I’ll join you”, I chimed in and that was pretty much that. While starting, I think as most do with Gordon’s and Bombay, the first real experience that widened my horizons was a gin tasting locally hosted by his Royal Juniperness, The Gin Lord, and then a few days later my first ever Gin Festival. Between the two, they opened my eyes to the breadth of flavour out there, and perhaps more importantly, some of the incredible people that work to make the drink I love.

The blog really came about just as a fun way to get my thoughts across after spending a very enjoyable Ginvent getting to know lots of other people tasting the gins involved and hitting Twitter hard for the live tastings. I was really struck by the friendliness, inclusiveness and openness of all those involved and decided that I really wanted to continue being part of that community.

Aside from the gin, I’m a proud nerd when it comes to all things tech and gaming, and a recent “Cat Dad”, as evidenced by various lacerations and nights of interrupted sleep.

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Find your perfect gin

“The amount of beautiful gins that have come out of Scotland in a relatively short time is nothing short of incredible. The passion and skill of the distillers (and their enviable supply of amazing water) just seems to deliver great product after great product.  Long may it last!”

Dan Cox, Ginteresting Times

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