An international celebration
of all things Scottish Gin.



I’m Ginsmagic aka Spence, a northerner in London.¬† My love of gin started back in the nighties and, like many others, with Bombay Sapphire.¬†Residing on the London 2012 Olympic Park, gin, photography and food dominate my Instagram feed and I love getting out and about, being social and sharing my food and drink adventures. I enjoy getting to know and building relationships with the people behind the brands that I enjoy and talk about. Having only dipped my toe in to the Scottish craft gin market with brands such as Fidra, Mackintosh and BrewDog in my collection, being a supporter of International Scottish Gin Day excites me.

I’m an active member of the Negroni Club and Martini Club, whether that be phyiscally meeting up with my friends in the gin community or recently virtually online, which has made for a real international community. I am also a big advocate for supporting small brands trying to find their feet amongst a sea of juniper, especially when their liquid is good.

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“I hope everyone joins me for the journey leading up to International Scottish Gin Day. Discovering new gins, meeting the people behind the brands and enjoying some lovely gin and tonics along the way.”

Richard Spence, Ginsmagic

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